Fire nukes at the enemy and defend your (nuclear) power plants!

The arcade game Missile Command meets two-player real-time strategy.

Choose from three different kinds of weapons, each with their unique costs and abilities in this unique skill/strategy game!


Costs only $1, and does minimal damage to turrets and power plants (it takes 3 missiles to take down a building). Useful for defense, as it can destroy other missiles as well as warheads. Fast and cost-efficient.


Costs $3, and can instantly destroy a turret, power plant, and any other missile. It is the most cost-effective way to destroy enemy drills, as well as one of the easiest ways to destroy enemy buildings. Slow yet powerful.


Costs a hefty $5, but cannot be stopped by regular missiles alone. It drills straight through missiles, and can only be stopped by a warhead or another drill. It can also destroy turrets and power plants instantly. Fast and destructive.


Player 1:
WASD to target
R to toggle
T to fire

Player 2:
Arrow keys to target
O to toggle
P to fire


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